Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Little Trip to the Health Department

Dr. Burkett and myself (Dr. Sexson) had to go to the Oklahoma City Health Department to get immunized for our mission trip to Honduras.  This should have been an easy enough trip...fill out paperwork, get a couple of shots, go back to work.  Or so you would think! 

At first our paperwork was entered as Mr. and Mrs. Sexson.  I personally think Travis Sexson sounds great but Travis didn't quite think so.  Then we were brought back to the "shot room" together because we were brother and sister.  Once it was finally straighten up that we had two different last names, were in no way related, AND wanted to see each other in pain while getting shots, the actual process could begin.

Travis went first and took it like a champ.  When asked if it hurt, he said it felt like a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst pain ever.  I was up next and a little nervous because I didn't quite believe Travis and all of his bravado.  While looking away as the injection was heading straight to my arm, I noticed a look of complete horror on Travis' face.  Travis couldn't figure out why my needles were so long and hitting bone marrow and his were short and just barely piercing the skin.  Well Travis, your needles were just as long as mine.  Why did you think I asked you if it hurt?

All in all our first step of preparation for Honduras went well.  Three weeks to go and we are starting to get really excited.  Next on our to do list is to figure out what clothing and FOOD to bring on the trip. While this may seem unevently to most, we here at Drumright Dental Center take our food very seriously and food will be the center of many topics in the days to come.


  1. How did you get away with only going once? I've been to the health dept three times. A&B, done. Tetnus, done. Typhoid, done. Flu shot, done. Feeling like a pit cushion......I'm ready.

  2. Wussy. We don't need no stinkin shots. - RHM